Saturday, May 29, 2010

What a long time I lost,Finally find my way back to this blogger.

My last posted is SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2010

I had been lost a long time ago,What have I done between this few months,Am I so busy?Until no have time to updated My blog.Just now,clicking on my laptop,I realized that I had a blogger account,but I forget about it between this few months.What a funny things i done?

I never expect that I need to updated it everyday,but since I already register one account,I should always update it,or if not always,at least sometimes,not few month once.

One thinsg I realize also,this is my own blogger,but mostly the things that I posted before,the blogs i updated,all is about my emo things.Why last times I'm so emo?Isn't bacause of her?Forget about it,not important at all...

I think I should trive it always to updated,even have nothings to post.

This few days I Very very emo,This one I can admit about it.

Recently face many problems,Financial,Family,Lovers,Jobs,and Study.Suddenly all like surf,At first the sea reflux,then a big tsunami heading to the town.WTH!!!All comes in a hurry,u can't stop and need to face and settle down it.Walau...

I hope I can have a lot of money and help me to settle all the things and problem I face,I swear I'm not gambling,just the dairy pocket money,Becasue I'm too good in spending.About my family,I hope she will get well as soon as possible,very miss her...Lovers,Forget about it,nothings much to say,not putting so hope on it.Jobs,Now I only hope try my best to achieves what I want and make it into the company.Study,I only can say that I will try my best to do it well,becasue I don't want to let them feel dissapointed on me.Im the only last.

Thats all I can say now!Many things to say,but lazy to type,will seperate into few blog.Rest now.

Rest,is to go further...

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